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Hi Michael,

Great post. Please let me know if you have an email which I can reach you at. I have a collaboration inquiry. my email is nathan@itsnowyou.com.

Looking forward to connecting,


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Hi Michael,

Amazing stuff, thank you for sharing them. I wanted to drop you a line to say that if possible, I'd definitely want to be able to use the Skyportal as a studio light (my plan is to sell my current one, to get the new one when it comes out). But if that doesn't pan out, no problems, I'm still planning to get the new light. May I learn if there is an estimated timeframe when it'll come out? Thank you for helping advance human wellness/happiness. :) Aaron

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There are some critical engineering issues to work out in order to be able to stick with the same overall form factor -- theoretically possible, but depends on what the manufacturer we have a relationship with is willing to do. If the initial approach works, we could have the new units in about 3 months.

Considering studio lighting... perhaps we will figure out a way to do that, and that could make sense as a dedicated product. I have some ideas on how we could do a class-leading studio light, but it might require production minimums quite a bit larger than we can support. A standalone studio light will also be able to offer a better overall value in terms of dollars per lumens.

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Sounds great. (the potential timing) Turkey has changed its daylights saving policy and doesn’t change the clock at any time during the year. That’s a big trouble in the winter. So hopefully if I can get one by the next change, it’ll do.

About the studio light, that’d be a secondary need for me as an amateur video creator and I already have a setup, so no problems at all on that front. If in the distant future you see that there is demand for it and come out with one, I’ll see if I can get one.

Thank you

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